Women Economic Empowerment

A World Satoshi Summit Initiative

Primary Goal

Imparting Deep Technical and Non-Technical Blockchain knowledge to underprivileged women across both developing and developed nations to make them future ready. Fundamentals and advanced techniques about Blockchain and bitcoin, different ways to trade bitcoin are also transitioned to women. Reference sites are also given for getting guidance. One such familiar site is https://the-bitcoinpro.com/, which helps to overcome your Trading fear and make money faster.


  • Helping women learn blockchain programming to gain easy access to decentralized industry jobs
  • Enabling women with blockchain knowledge to envision and execute core blockchain projects and solutions
  • Encouraging women to pursue a career in entrepreneurship and provide adequate funds to initiate their journey
  • Providing both individual and family counseling sessions to enable families realize the importance of working women and their contribution both at the micro and macro economic level
Application Criteria

Program Details

  • 1-year comprehensive blockchain skill development program
  • 10 Months extensive learning along with regular industry assignment
  • 2 Months extensive on-campus hiring
  • Women will be given an opportunity to pursue their respective entrepreneurial passion in the blockchain domain in the form of products or services with initial capital support from WSS
  • Completely paid for stay for the complete duration of the program + 3 months post program to provide enough time for students to explore and settle in respective career paths

Target & Roadmap

We believe that to achieve our vision we need to set aggressive targets . WEE @ WSS will train more than 250 women by 2020 and make them ready for the blockchain world.

WEE Road Map
  • May 2018

    Batch 1: Initiate a batch of 20+ women

  • Nov – Dec 2018

    Batch 2: Initiate a batch of 80+ Women

  • May 2019

    Batch 1: Graduates

  • July – Aug 2019

    Batch 3: Initiate a batch of 100+ Women

  • Dec 2019

    Batch 2: Graduates

  • Feb – Mar 2020

    Batch 4: Initiate a batch of 200+ Women

  • Aug 2020

    Batch 3: Graduates

  • Sep – Oct 2020

    Batch 5: Initiate a batch of 250+ Women

  • Mar 2021

    Batch 4: Graduates

  • Oct 2021

    Batch 5: Graduates

Fund Source

We will be investing a proportion of the proceeds from each and every WSS chapter inorder to fuel this initiative and the remaining funds will be used to plan and execute the subsequent chapters of World Satoshi Summit across the globe.

To fund this initiative

# No Special character. Only numbers and alphabets. Ex. 10000 USD or 100000 INR