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What is Nova-Stride?

At WSS, startups from all around the globe will receive an opportunity to pitch to a panel of investors comprising of VCs, Angels, HNIs and even Investment Banks.

Application Criteria

Startups from all around the globe can apply for Nova Stride but to qualify as a startup you need to meet a basic set of criteria:

  • You should be working on the latest technology and solving a real-world problem
  • You should not be more than 3 years old
  • Teams less than 2 co-founders will have to make a strong case in their application
  • A working prototype will be given preference but in case you strongly believe in your idea we sincerely encourage you to apply
Application Criteria

Key Takeaways for
Selected Startups

If you are a startup looking for global exposure & validation and trying to grab investor attention then apply at WSS Pitch Lane.

  • Pitch to a panel of highly renowned HNIs and VC firms from around the globe
  • Chance to receive a funding proposal on the spot
  • Get direct investor feedback on your product
  • Get mass audience attention and gauge an early-stage real-market interest
  • Get 50% discount on the Startup Exhibit area
  • More than USD 100,000 worth of Partner Credits

Apply for Nova-Stride